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Type 1 Diabetes – A Family Diagnosis

If you have a child with Type 1 diabetes, you understand this disease affects every member of the family. While our daughter, Allie Lou, may be the unlucky one to have this disease, it truly is a Family Diagnosis. The constant management of diabetes, the blood sugar checks, the alarms going off at all hours of the day, the ever-present “kit,” medical supplies strewn throughout our home are perfectly normal to our family. Our son, Patrick, was just over a year old when his big sister Allie Lou was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. Because of this, I have always worried about him.


Would this attention to Allie Lou allow him to find his place in our family…and ultimately his place in the world? Would he feel ignored? Scared of the blood and needles so common in our home? Or perhaps jealous of all the attention his big sister receives?  Continue reading

Before and After

Saturday, November 14th is World Diabetes Day and we’ve partnered with the amazing new organization, Beyond Type 1. Beyond Type 1 seeks to bring a new level of respect, understanding and support for those living with type 1 diabetes. Their goal is to highlight the brilliance of those fighting this disease every day while always working toward ensuring a cure is on its way.

In honor of World Diabetes Day, Leaf & Love® co-founder Sara Williams Curran shares with Beyond Type 1 how her daughter’s diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes has changed her life forever. Read the post on their website or below.

Before and After

Life is often measured by “before and after” moments: weight loss, marriage, kitchen remodels. Usually the “after” is better than the “before.” So what happens in the “after” of a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis?

For me, our after began on November 14, 2012- the day my then three-year-old daughter, Allie Lou, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I remember being in the hospital madly Googling Type 1 Diabetes and I kept reading that it was World Diabetes Day. I was confused…could it really be that she was diagnosed on the one day out of the year dedicated to diabetes awareness? I had no idea what a “Diaversary” was and that hers would fall on World Diabetes Day for the rest of her life. What a strange fate.
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The Accidental Advocate

It was three years ago, on November 14th. My life was insane. I was struggling to care for my two-and-a-half year old toddler as well as for my mother who was battling terminal cancer. I was feeling overwhelmed and tired and reached out to my oldest and dearest friend, Sara. She had lost her own mother recently and always seemed to know just what to say to me so I wouldn’t feel so alone.

Life had gotten so busy once we had kids that Sara and I were accustomed to phone calls going unreturned for days. However, whenever we texted each other that something was going on, we usually got back to each other pretty quickly. That day, when she didn’t return several of my texts, at first I felt a bit frustrated. But by nightfall, I started to worry.

Finally, I received a text from her and this is what it read:

“Amy, I can’t talk right now. I’m at Children’s Hospital with Allie Lou.”

“Oh my God,” I thought. Had there been an accident? Did she hit her head? Did she have an allergic reaction to something? I couldn’t imagine what was happening. Then my head went to an unthinkable place…could Allie Lou have Leukemia or some terrible illness?

We waited and waited for news. Finally I got another text from Sara:
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Family Food Kitchen

This week our very own Sara Williams Curran was interviewed on the weekly live radio show Family Food Kitchen on the award winning RadioMD. A big shout out and thank you to Ellen Briggs & Carolina Lima Jantac, MS, RD, LD. Listen to the 10 minute audio recording below!


Podcast Title/Description: How Leaf & Love Turned Diabetes Diagnoses Around
At latest count, 29.1 million Americans have diabetes; that’s almost one in ten. However, an additional 89 million are pre-diabetic. Children are included in these stats, too. And, sadly, these numbers continue to rise. When guest Sara Williams Curren, co-founder of Leaf and Love, learned that her toddler daughter had type-1 Diabetes, her world was rocked. She joins hosts Carolina and Ellen to share her story, along with solutions she has found so anyone with either kind of diabetes can enjoy a normal “sweet” lifestyle. Find out how she is living the quote, “When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade!”

Guest Bio: Sara Williams-Curran
Prior to becoming a mom and the co-founder of Leaf & Love® Organic Lemonade, Sara Williams-Curran was a dedicated educator for over 15 years. She worked as a classroom teacher, reading specialist and Vice Principal. Sara received the distinguished honor of District-Wide Teacher of the Year in 2004.

Sara’s work in the public school system exposed her to the challenges in providing healthy and appealing nutrition for youngsters. This experience, coupled with her daughter’s diagnosis of type-1 diabetes, ultimately inspired her new journey as co-creator of the Leaf & Love® brand. Sara’s quest for wholesome and delicious nutrition was the seed that sprouted the company’s vision.

Sara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

Guest Website: Leaf and Love Organics
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Guest Twitter Account: @leafandlove

Open Letter to Sony Pictures and Adam Sandler – Hotel Transylvania 2

Dear Adam Sandler and Sony Pictures,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sara Williams-Curran and I am the mother of Allie Lou. She is our vibrant and beautiful six year old daughter who also happens to have Type 1 diabetes. There are many misconceptions flying around about “diabetes” and I am finding it is my responsibility to be a vocal advocate for my daughter and all children living with this relentless disease.

In your recent release, Hotel Transylvania 2, your “joke” about diabetes was obviously designed to make the audience laugh. In actuality, it plants a misinformed seed in minds of all the viewers. These are real children and real lives you are mocking.

Let me assure you there is nothing funny about Type 1 diabetes, and in fact, there have been many children who have literally left the theater ridiculed and in tears.

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If I could do it again

It’s that time again. Classrooms around the country are filled with excitement and anticipation for what the year will bring. Teachers dressed in crisp outfits present to eager parents and we all feel the excitement in the air. I’m talking about Back-to-School night.

Sara and louAt our big night, after our lovely new teacher spoke to the attentive parents, she turned to me and asked me to give a brief explanation of my daughter’s circumstances to the group. You see, my daughter has Type 1 diabetes. I had already come in earlier that day to explain her disease and devices to her first grade class. I talked in simple terms about checking blood sugar, needles, and the devices she wears on her body. The children were amazingly receptive and calm during the presentation. So was I.

But here I was, suddenly tongue-tied to share a few sentences about Type 1 diabetes to a group of adults. It seems silly that I would be paralyzed by talking to parents. I had been a teacher and school administrator for years before becoming a mom. I always loved speaking to hundreds of parents and felt very comfortable in the role. But last night felt different. I barely remember what I said. It was something short and upbeat like, “My daughter has Type 1 diabetes. You will see her pump and her continuous glucose monitor inserted on different parts of her body and she has a 1:1 aide with her at all times.” Parents nodded and smiled. That was it. In retrospect, I’m not really sure how or why I kept it short, sweet and free of emotion. I think it’s partly because I never want to be seen as a complainer or a drama queen. It is also likely that I didn’t want to melt into a pool of blubbering tears in front of everyone on their own child’s Back-to-School Night!

If I could do it again, and there were no time constraints, this is what I would have said. Continue reading

JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

Leaf & Love is sponsoring the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes Sunday, June 7th in Long Beach, California. Stop by our booth to meet the team and try a little Leaf & Love! Click here to learn more.

Each year, JDRF Walk brings together more than 900,000 people to change the future for people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) by raising money for research. Many people who walk have T1D themselves, and many more are friends, family or coworkers of someone challenged by this disease. But no matter what their connection is, they walk because they believe in a world where T1D no longer exists—a world where Type One has become Type None.