Open Letter to Sony Pictures and Adam Sandler – Hotel Transylvania 2

Dear Adam Sandler and Sony Pictures,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sara Williams-Curran and I am the mother of Allie Lou. She is our vibrant and beautiful six year old daughter who also happens to have Type 1 diabetes. There are many misconceptions flying around about “diabetes” and I am finding it is my responsibility to be a vocal advocate for my daughter and all children living with this relentless disease.

In your recent release, Hotel Transylvania 2, your “joke” about diabetes was obviously designed to make the audience laugh. In actuality, it plants a misinformed seed in minds of all the viewers. These are real children and real lives you are mocking.

Let me assure you there is nothing funny about Type 1 diabetes, and in fact, there have been many children who have literally left the theater ridiculed and in tears.

Though you were likely referring to the more commonly discussed Type 2 diabetes, making fun of either form of diabetes is irresponsible. Why Sony finds it appropriate to tease and shame any disease is beyond me. Think about it: Would it be okay to make a joke about leukemia or cystic fibrosis in an animated film made for children?
It is unfortunate and frustrating that the terminology is so commonly misused and blurred into one disease. Since you seem to be unfamiliar with Type 1 diabetes (lucky you!), I will give you a brief education. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease not caused by diet or lifestyle. Type 1 diabetes is not the “diabetes” you read about in diet magazines and in alarming documentaries. Type 1 diabetes is not preventable and there is no cure. People with Type 1 diabetes are subjected to multiple injections of insulin a day and are constantly at risk of very serious complications: including death.
Hotel Transylvania 2 made a record-breaking 48 million dollars in its first weekend. If I do some simple math, I estimate in just one weekend roughly 4 million people were exposed to this cruel and senseless joke about a life-threatening and chronic illness. Imagine how many more will be exposed to this preposterous joke.

Undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes is very dangerous and can be deadly. This past July, Kycie Terry, a beautiful five year old girl suffered traumatic brain injury and ultimately her death at the hands of Type 1 diabetes. The loss of this beautiful, sweet girl is heartbreaking and clearly nothing that should be joked about. There are many more children who have lost their lives to this disease.

I cannot complain about this unless I actually do something about it. This spurred me to write this letter and to become vocal. The diabetes community deserves a public apology and it is reasonable to request that this “joke” be edited out of their film before it comes out on DVD. Or perhaps donating just one of the 48 million dollars you have already made off of this film. I am sure a non-profit like Children with Diabetes, Beyond Type 1, JDRF or Insulin for Life would be thrilled to receive a donation. In one way or another, these organizations are making an effort to improve the lives of people living with Type 1 diabetes. You should follow their lead.

Sara Curran (Mother to Allie Lou diagnosed with T1D at age 3)

  • Team Max B

    ❤️ you Sara! Thanks for standing up in a big way!!

    • Kelly

      It said that diabetes is the real monster… if I remember correctly. They’re damn right! Diabetes is a monster. Get over your constant defensive outlook. Diabetes sucks. They aren’t making fun of people with diabetes.

  • Jessica William

    My daughter type 1,and the joke doesn’t bother her or us some people just take it to series. It a life long illnesses you can’t let one. Thing bother you its a movie I’m sure it wasn’t meant for harm

    • Louise Porvaznik

      True, however big companies should be raising awareness and education the public not making a mockery out of it. No disease should be made fun of. Its no joke as I am sure you know of this with being a T1mum like myself. I don’t appreciate anyone mocking my daughters disease.

      The more ignorant comments about DIABETES the less people are educated about it, and as you know education can save lives!!

    • Ann

      This is a serious disease. How can you as a mother of a type1 say some people take this to serious? It needs to be taken serious by everyone. O but let them make a joke about breast cancer, ms,leukemia ect. and it would be a national problem and I can assure you not one parent would say it was taken to serious. Its time to take a stand for type1 diabetes!

  • Memory King Altazan

    My daughter has type 1 and I have type 2 diabetes. I personally don’t feel its appropriate to make a joke about any disease. Over the years so many people have made comments my daughter had too much sugar before diagnosis… I assure you, we have always eaten healthy and now also eat very healthy. Sugar consumption has nothing to do with causing type 1. Again, I ignore the ignorance when I hear this type of comment but do feel because of this many are mislead on the cause of the disease. Again, no disease should be made fun of in anyway. I haven’t slept a full nights sleep in 12 yrs since my daughter was diagnosed. She takes shots all day, pricks her poor fingers every three hours every single day. She has poor eye sight and a few other complications. Having an illness is not funny in anyway. The comment was inappropriate and misleading. I don’t see my daughter laughing about having diabetes. We have shared many tears tho…..

  • Lesley Blaney

    That is shameful.You and your company sound like BULLIES think about it and grow up.Adam Sandler will be Diabetic one day,look at his chubby ass!!
    . sincerely Lesley in Florida

  • Louise Porvaznik

    Totally agree with EVERY SINGLE WORD of this post <3 Ignorance doesn't help raise awareness of this disease <3 T1mum

  • Kelley Hughes


  • Sandi Thompson Moore

    Way to go Sara! From another mom of a Type 1 diabetic daughter diagnosed at age 5!
    Sandi and Travis Moore

  • Monica Mayer

    Love this Sarah!!! It is sad how our culture embraces making fun of others… You are helping to change that one word at a time!!!!!

  • Anthony Krupka

    I can understand how parents feel like their children and themselves feel assaulted by this joke. Yes, it is sort of condescending, but I felt the joke was not intended to cause hurt to anyone. Fact is, 85% or so of people living with “Diabetes” have Type II Diabetes (formerly referred to as Adult Onset). However, the medical field stopped referring to this type of Diabetes as adult onset and went back to using the term Type II because more and more kids and adolescences started to be diagnosed with this type of diabetes, which the main cause is linked to the fact of eating unhealthy and sugary foods in excess.

    Yes, it does suck that Type I diabetes, the dangers and life altering experiences are not talked about more so people become educated to not associate these two types. I can relate first hand, as I have been living with Type I diabetes for 26 years, diagnosed when I was 7. My eldest niece who is 12 was also diagnosed when she was 7, as was one of my Aunt’s, and she just turned 50. I honestly do not feel offended by the joke at all. Hell, its a great opportunity to inform someone who doesn’t know the differences, as its always better to educate someone who doesn’t know the difference. One day a cure will develop and cure Type I, several tests are currently in process for potential ones currently. Don’t let this joke bother any of you!! Fact is, yes, Type I diabetes is a complete life altering experience for both family members and the individual who has been diagnosed with this currently non-curable retched illness.

    PS: Many aliments have jokes that are stated about them like eating disorders, blindness, deafness, AIDS, cancers, obesity, etc. They are not meant to cause harm.

  • Kaleb Lancaster

    Ma’am I’m sorry but i am a type 1 diabetic and there was nothing wrong with that joke. They are joking and not even joking about type 1. I am 16 and have diabetes for 8 years. No offense to you and I’m sorry your daughter has it i know the struggles but that joke was completely ok, this coming from a diabetic. Please stop getting so easily offended


    Having diabetes does not make a kid a “monster” but having easily offended soccer moms does make kids pussies. I wonder how these cupcakes are faring two years later? My daughter has Loeys Dietz syndrome type 3 which means that she could suffer an aortic dissection in any given part of her body at any given time. Life’s too precious to sweat the small things, people.